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Washington Youth Soaring’s goal is to train youth to become pilot’s beginning through gliders. We will be based locally, and provide many resources, opportunities, and scholarships for flight training.

Inspire youth into aviation

Quality and professional Glider training

Dedicated resources and operations

Clear guidance from start to finish


Ishitha Arekapudi


I want to inspire other youth into aviation, and spread the amazing experience of flying with more youth.


Taanvi Arekapudi


I would like to be the influencer for the youth both in bringing this opportunity to other youth and making it easy and accessible.


Bharath Kumar Arekapudi

Board Member

I would like to help provide the platform for youth who are interested in pursuing aviation.


Danny Hughes

Board Member

I’m so excited to bring new aviation opportunities into our community!


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Our goal is to inspire youth by sharing, leading, and creating a community.

Sharing: We want to share the opportunities available in aviation and spread the knowledge of
all the possibilities and careers it holds. We also strive to help provide clarity and guidance on the
path to becoming a pilot, to help students succeed in their aviation dreams. Our goal is to provide
them with a platform to learn from and provide them with many resources to help benefit them.

Leading: As we are taking this journey ourselves, we would like to use our own experiences to
motivate by sharing the excitement and the awesomeness of being able to fly. We would like to
empower other youth by showing we can do it and to make them want to do it. We would also
be able to guide youth on a one-to-one basis to share the theory of aviation in a simple and easily  

consumable way, based on all tips and guidance we have been shared by the different instructors.
This is a great way to act as mentors and bring more youth into the field of aviation.

Community: Our mission is to bring aviation enthusiasts together and create an environment to
mentor each other, share opportunities, and provide the guidance and flight training needed to
succeed. We strive to help youth start achieving their dreams of aviation at a young age, and to
create a community in which they can talk about their dreams and aspirations. WAYS is a place
for youth to be involved in a like-minded community as well as having access to many resources
and flight training. This community is called Sky Riders, which has already been established in
several schools and is now being established as a community non-profit organization. We started
this to inspire youth and are continuing this goal through WAYS. This community would help
youth be accountable while also supporting each other.


Did you know:

The world’s first and largest aerospace cluster is located in Washington State, in the northwest of the USA.

Washington is the aviation hub of Pacific Northwest. We have Boeing based in Seattle, Alaska Airlines have their head quarter in Seattle plus we have major Air Force and military operations. This makes it an ideal location for youth to not only get trained but also get a real-time exposure to the industry, along with future opportunities for employment.

We also want to start here as we also live in Washington. As we evolve, and our network expands, based on interest and opportunities for collaboration and expansion, we could look at expanding further.

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