Learn how to Soar . Find local soaring chapters and become a glider pilot within the aviation community.
Dream Big!!!!!

The aviation industry is growing at a rapid pace, and we have not seen such a growth in the last several years. This brings a great opportunity for the next generation of youth to be prepared to meet the demands in this area. One of the key trainings that would help the youth to get started in this path is to get trained on flying gliders. Starting out in gliders has many benefits that will greatly help pilots in the long run. Glider pilots learn better risk management and assessment skills, as well as learning to land without engine power. These benefits will live with them throughout their lifetime and help them become sharper pilots.

Overall employment of airline and commercial pilots is projected to grow 13 percent from 2020 to 2030, faster than the average for all occupations. About 14,500 openings for airline and commercial pilots are projected each year, on average, over the decade.

U.S. Bureau of labor statistics

We are seeing a very good interest from youth for learning gliders; By creating a dedicated youth gliding operation, youth would have an easier opportunity to learn to soar. Through this operation we want to make it more affordable and committed so they can achieve their aviation goals.

Key benefits:
• Inspire youth into aviation
• Support with scholarships
• Dedicated resources and operations
• Quality and professional Glider training
• Clear guidance from start to finish

Our goal is to prepare the youth for the new generation of aviation and help them grow in the world where space travel is going to be the big thing. Aviation is the next big frontier and will help in many industries including space, medicine, and transportation.

Soaring for youth is all about providing easily accessible training opportunity for them, through which we turn around students from starting to learn to get them their solo flights, license, additional ratings, and eventually instructors.